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I enjoy social media. If you’re a friend of mine on Facebook or Twitter, you probably know a bit of what’s happening in my life. But as I lurk on social media and cyber-stalk you all stay connected on those forums, it occurred to me that my sweet blog isn’t getting any of the author love. SO–I’d like to do a weekly wrap-up for those of you who don’t have the time to check your social media daily. Here goes nothing…

Since we chatted last, did you know that I set up a Pinterest account? Once I tried Pinterest, I totally loved it! I’m using it for my books now to give an idea of the scenes, settings, and characters you might find in the series! Check out my boards here, and if you’re on Pinterest, let me know so we can follow each other!

Man, there’s just been so much going on… where do I start? Let’s see, today I’m working on book 2 of The Ashford Legacy–If You Want Me. And I recently got the cover to book 1–If You Need Me! Here it is:


Oh, and I also crashed my old minivan last week while eating cheesecake and got to drive a sporty red rental car for a whole week! Sadly, I returned the rental car yesterday, but the memories of our good times together will live on.

This is the van:

This is the car that I’m sure still misses me:

So life is good here in So Cal–and I hope it’s good in your neck of the woods too! If you’re in the San Diego area tomorrow, consider attending the monthly RWASD meeting where I will be on a panel talking about writing contemporary romance with Mary Leo and bestselling author Jennifer Probst!

Have a great weekend, my friends! I hope to connect with you soon!



It’s been forever since I posted, and I thought a few of you might have been wondering where in the heck Cassi has gone… or why she’s suddenly speaking of herself in third person. (You were, weren’t you?) So let me give you the scoop on what I’ve been up to…

In December, The Silverwing’s Sorceress came out, and at the same time I was busy editing Dark Flight, which releases in May. When the kids are out of school (I have four teens, mind you), I end up spending extra time with them and the writing schedule slows for important events, such as tea parties, baking, and sprinkler repair ( yes, those are trash bags taped to my legs)…

Since the kids have been back in school, I’ve been back at the keyboard working on several new projects. If you look at the “Works In Progress” tab under “Books,” you’ll see that I was already working on a full-length contemporary romance and a full-length paranormal romance—and then this really cool idea hit me. So I took a short break from those to write a  25k word novella entitled If You Need Me. ♥♥♥ I’m loving this ultra-spicy novella. ♥♥♥  And I hope to tell you more about it soon!

Next, I’ll be heading to the “California Dreamin'” SoCal Writer’s Conference in Santa Ana, where I’ll be participating in the multi-author book-signing—which is open to the public! So if you want a signed print copy of Slayer’s Kiss, you know where to find me. For those attending the conference, Melissa Cutler and I will also be giving a workshop entitled “The Publishing Pact – Making that First Sale & Taking Your Writing Buddies with You.”  I hope to see you there!

Oh—and don’t forget, I’m giving away three print copies of Slayer’s Kiss on Goodreads and the contest ends tomorrow! So, it’s not too late to enter to win your copy!

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So how has everyone been this winter? Are you staying healthy? Have you read any good books lately? Comment below and be entered to win a virtual hug!

Warm Regards,


I just got back from RWA 2012, and I’m still catching my breath from a super busy, super fun July. Instead of simply telling you about it, I thought I’d add some pictures this time.

First fun thing in July was Comic-Con! My friend Janet and I made it to the TrueBlood panel and saw all our favorite characters in the flesh. But celebrities aren’t the only fun people to gawk at. These guys were cool, too!


But once Comic-Con was over, I was on puppy patrol. My mom’s poodle was due to give birth and we weren’t sure when, so Mom and her poodle moved in with me for a week so I could use my superhero-canine-midwifery skills to assist. As it turned out, the first puppy was stuck for 30 minutes before my mom woke me, but not only was I able to get it unstuck, with a little CPR, the puppy pulled through! That’s a picture of the pup below. He’s doing great! My son named him Casper, thinking the pup was a white poodle, but he’s going to be apricot, which is like a light peachy tan. Hmm…


Unfortunately, my own dog, Daisy, a nine-year-old golden retriever took a turn for the worse and needed major surgery two days before I left for RWA 2012 in Anaheim. She’s doing great now and I’m so happy! The family did such a wonderful job caring for her while I was away. And I can’t imagine missing RWA, especially since I had a huge first in my writing career—a book signing!!! 😀


No, that’s not your imagination…that’s an actual line to get a free digital copy of Slayer’s Kiss!! I was busy signing the entire hour and gave away my whole stack of download vouchers! Of course, the chocolate on the end of the table didn’t hurt business, either.


I had the best time at the RWA national conference with my roomies Lisa Kessler and Melissa Cutler!! The workshops were wonderful and the parties were even better. In the next couple of days, I’m going to try to post pictures of me, Lisa Kessler, and Jill Sorenson dancing at the Samhain after party! And when you see my strange dance move that the picture was so kind to capture—it’ll be totally worth the wait! ;D



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