I recently visited the Fiction Vixen blog and it got me thinking about readers—not only because I have some awesome, supportive readers out there, but because I myself am a pretty devoted fan of some of my favorite authors.

So how can you tell if you’re a run-of-the-mill reader or if you take your favorite books a little more seriously? After scratching my head at some of my own neurotic reader tendencies, I decided it might be helpful to give you a checklist of…


The top ten signs that you may be HARDCORE READER:

1 You can’t remember your extended family’s birthdays, but you can remember what the hero of your favorite book bought the heroine for her birthday, where they were, and what she was wearing at the time.

2. You not only named your child after a favorite character, most of your pets’ full names start with Lord and Lady.

3. After a book ends, you go to bed thinking about the hero’s and heroine’s lives and wondering if they’re going to be okay. If there were a number for them in the book, you’d call it just to be sure.

4. Your version of Doomsday prepping is ensuring you have a five-year emergency power supply for your e-reader.

5. You aren’t a 100% sure that vampires and werewolves aren’t real. When you bite your inner lip while eating breakfast, you wonder if your fangs might finally be growing in.

6. You have a tattoo somewhere on your body that only another fan or someone from a fictional world would “get.”

7. You’ve shouted at too-stupid-to-live characters so many times that family members no longer run into the room to see who’s getting beat. When they see that look in your eye and a book in your hand, they steer clear.

8. You practice your signature with your first name and your favorite hero’s last name. You like it so much, you start writing fan fiction so you can kill off the heroine.

9. When your husband asks you if the baby is his, you have to stop and think for a moment. You’re relieved when you realize you weren’t actually in the room with the hero and heroine of that last erotica novel.

10. When you have a really bad day, you pull out your favorite book—one you’ve already read a dozen times with deeply dog-eared pages. Because when times are tough, there’s no one else you would rather hang out with.